Desert of the Skeletons

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Stretching almost 120 miles inland from the Atlantic Coast towards East, the Namib Desert is one of the biggest, and also one of the oldest deserts in the world. The Namib has endured arid conditions for more than 60 million years, with some evidence suggesting the desert dates back to 80 million years ago.

Completely uninhabited by humans, the desert is known as “The Desert of Skeletons”. Only few small settlements can be found in the Namib, including the Ovahimba and Obatjimba Herero in the north area, and the Topnaar in the center region.

No other desert in the world boosts the number of endemic species as the Namib, with most of the wildlife in the desert being arthropods.

Surrounded by dunes, only few unfortunate creatures remain in the desert, with groups of Bushmen still living in the habitat.

The documentary shows the life of two of the group of people still living in the Desert of Skeletons. The first one are the Bushmen, known for their hunting and gathering techniques, and the Himba, who live more nomadic live. For the Himba people, everything revolves around goats and cows grazing.

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