Derek Tastes of Ear Wax

May 26, 2022 | Science, Videos

This documentary examines the fact that perhaps one in every hundred people suffer from a mixture of the senses. Imagine if every time you saw someone called Derek you got a strong taste of wax in your mouth. It happens to James Wannerton, which has a pub. Derek is one of the owners. Another common is the name given the taste of wet diapers. For some inexplicable reason, the sense of James’s sound and taste are intertwined.

Dorothy Latham sees words as colors. Every time I read a black and white text, is tinged with every letter in the shadow of his own colorful alphabet – although who knows the reality of black and white text. Words have an even more bizarre. She sees them, explained letter by letter, on a tape recorder in front of colored head.

James and Dorothy have a mysterious condition called synesthesia, in which his senses have become linked. For years scientists dismissed it, putting it in the same category as séances and bend the spoon. But now, synaesthesia is causing a revolution in our understanding of the human mind.

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Riyan H.