DEFCON: The Documentary

Aug 23, 2023 | Technology, Videos

For the past 27 years, DEFCON has been a major event in the tech world. Hosted annually in Las Vegas, Nevada, the convention has drawn an eclectic mix of people from computer security professionals to hackers, students to federal government employees. As one of the largest annual hacker conventions in the world, it is no surprise that its 20th anniversary was recognized by a documentary released in 2013.

The documentary follows the four-day conference and offers an uncensored look into its history and philosophy. It captures interviews with prominent figures who have been part of not only DEFCON but the overall evolution of technology over two decades. From computer scientists to phone-phreakers, this up close and personal tour takes viewers on a journey through two decades of technological progress and provides exciting insight into the minds behind this influential gathering.

Whether you are looking to get inspired or just simply appreciate all that modern technology has to offer, this documentary is sure to provide something for everyone. For those passionate about computer science, hacking or hardware modification DEFCON is essential viewing; a testament to how far technology has come since its inception twenty seven years ago and where it’s headed next. For anyone interested in learning more about what makes this convention so special and why it keeps drawing such large crowds each year – watching this documentary is a must!

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David B