Decades of Cover-ups in the Jewish Community: Abuse Scandal Fallout |

Aug 6, 2023 | Crime, Social, Videos

The film takes you inside the two-week-long trial at Melbourne’s County Court, where rabbis and officials accused of the cover-up face intense questioning. Through Manny’s testimony, viewers discover that he was not the only one in the family to suffer from abuse. As Manny’s father, Zephaniah Waks, steps forward to reveal the name of their abuser, an ancient code of silence forbids him from talking about the allegations involving other Jews with the police. The family faces isolation, and they decide to move to Israel where they encounter more abuse. Manny’s brother Yanky breaks his silence to speak on camera for the first time.
The film’s climax sees Manny travel to Los Angeles to confront the man who abused him years ago. The result is powerful and surprising as victim and abuser come face to face. Breaking the Silence is a poignant and compelling documentary that raises awareness of child sexual abuse in the Jewish community and the ongoing aftermath that such abuse creates.

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David B