Debtocracy – Greece debt crisis explained

Nov 9, 2022 | Beauty, Economics, Videos

The Greece debt crisis started in 2010, and six years later, we are still nowhere near a resolution of the crisis. In June 2016, European authorities authorized another credit for Greece, this time at $8.4 billion or 7.5 billion euros.

Debt relief is an issue for creditors, with International Monetary Fund constantly saying that Greece needs ease on her debts to meet its budget goals, while Germany is skeptical of cutting slack to Athens.

The “Debtocracy” documentary is an old documentary, published in 2013, but it is still very much relevant and enlightening for the crisis.

The documentary is produced by the audience, and takes a look at Greece citizens and their aspect of living with debt. The documentary seeks solutions, proposed by the public. The solutions are hidden by the government and corporate media. The documentary also takes a look at the causes for the debt crisis.

Greece will get debt relief from creditors, but not until 2018 at the earliest. It all depends on Greece, and whether the country will be able to carry out the painful changes.

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Riyan H.