Death on Valentine’s Day | Full Episode

Sep 3, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Curtis Lovelace, the former hard-charging prosecutor, has been tried twice for allegedly killing his wife. His case has now made national headlines and a new documentary seeks to bring the facts to light. “48 Hours” correspondent Maureen Maher takes an in-depth look at the case with a new documentary airing on Pluto TV.

The tragic story of Curtis Lovelace is one that many remember – even though it happened nearly a decade ago. After endless court battles, two trials, and more than six years without resolution, the case is still unresolved. With so much controversy surrounding it, this documentary promises to take viewers behind the scenes of Lovelace’s story with exclusive interviews and footage.

Maureen Maher’s riveting film dives deep into uncovering the truth of what really happened in this highly-publicized case – dissecting every detail and ensuring accuracy throughout. With her thorough research and investigative journalism skills, viewers will be taken through an extraordinary journey – from Curtis Lovelace’s early life as a hard-charging prosecutor to present-day revelations about his wife’s death.

This powerful documentary offers audiences an insightful look into events that shaped Curtis Lovelace’s life forever. It also sheds new light on the legal complexities at hand in such a high-profile case. For those looking for answers to some of their lingering questions – or simply wanting an interesting view on current affairs – don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to join Maher as she uncovers fresh evidence that could potentially shed new light on whether or not Curtis Lovelace is responsible for his wife’s death. Tune in now to Pluto TV to watch “48 Hours” correspondent Maureen Maher’s gripping investigation into one of America’s most controversial cases: The Curtis Lovelace Trial!

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