Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling

Aug 21, 2023 | Sports, Videos

On the surface, Chris Benoit was a successful professional wrestler who wore the championship belt in 2005. He embodied an Adonis-like figure in the ring and seemed to be at the peak of his career. But beneath the glitz and glamour of professional wrestling, lurked a darker side, one that would culminate in a shocking murder suicide involving Benoit and his family.

This story is explored thoroughly in CNN’s documentary, which combines interviews with some of the most prominent figures in wrestling – Vince McMahon, Dynamite Kid, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, John Cena and Chris Kanyon – discussing their experiences with death and drug abuse within the industry.

From tales of wrestlers dying young to allegations of substance abuse, this documentary is a must-watch for anyone looking to gain insight into the pressures of being a professional wrestler. It provides an intimate look into how such a high-stakes lifestyle can lead to tragedy if left unchecked.

This is all set against the overwhelming physical demands that come with performing inside a WWE ring. The documentary paints a vivid picture of just how grueling it can get as performers are pushed to their limits on a regular basis while simultaneously dealing with pressure from management to perform at their best every night.

Ultimately what viewers take away from this documentary will differ from person to person depending on how much they know about pro wrestling beforehand. However no matter where you stand on this topic, it’s guaranteed that you’ll find something interesting here that you didn’t know before – whether it’s learning about how drugs are used by wrestlers or hearing first hand accounts of tragedy associated with this profession.

So if you’re looking for an informative yet gripping story that will leave you both enlightened and shocked then CNN’s documentary is definitely worth watching. With its intense interviews and poignant stories this unique program offers an unflinching look at life behind-the-scenes inside professional wrestling – from its brightest stars like Chris Benoit right down to its darkest secrets – sure to leave viewers stunned and wanting more!

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David B