Death by China

Jul 9, 2024 | Political, Videos

The acclaimed feature-length documentary Death by China, narrated by Martin Sheen, provides a powerful and thought-provoking examination of the crisis in American manufacturing resulting from China’s entry into the WTO. This eye-opening film reveals that nearly 60,000 U.S. factories have been moved to China, leading to millions of jobs lost and working Americans being irreversibly affected.

Behind this tragedy is an oppressive authoritarian Chinese government that has illegally subsidized exports in a bid to control more of the global marketplace. U.S.-based companies, such as Apple, Boeing and General Electric, have been drawn offshore by promises of cheaper labor costs – a move which has seen America’s debt to China balloon to over $3 trillion. To make matters worse, many of those who have lost their jobs are actually purchasing Chinese goods and services with their own money!

The documentary features informed opinions from experts on China, global financial authorities, bereaved business owners and average citizens who are now struggling to make ends meet. These testimonies provide an urgent call for action: political leaders must be held accountable for their “fair trade” policies while consumers must be encouraged to pay more attention to where they spend their money.

Death by China is an essential watch for anyone looking to understand how this crisis has impacted working Americans over the past 15 years – as well as what can be done about it going forward. With its compelling interviews and detailed analysis, this riveting documentary will educate you about a crucial issue that affects us all. So don’t wait – watch Death By China today and help bring desperately needed change before it’s too late!

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David B