Deadly Roads | Bolivia, Ivory Coast and Georgia

Dec 5, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

Roads are often seen as grey strips of asphalt that enable us to travel and trade, but they are much more than that – they are essential lifelines of humanity. Throughout centuries, roads have been full of stories and history which can be heard just by walking or driving down them. Unfortunately, in certain countries and areas these same roads carry a much greater danger: human suffering and death.

The documentary “The Most Dangerous Roads” portrays this harsh reality in an incredible way. It follows intrepid travelers who dare to traverse some of the deadliest roads around the world, such as those in Bolivia, Georgia, Afghanistan, South Africa, India, Madagascar, Scotland and Australia. The film captures the stark contrast between the beauty that these roads offer with their stunning views and the tragedy that comes from their perilous nature.

The footage captured during this journey allows viewers to experience what it is like to drive on these treacherous routes. From traveling through narrow mountain passes filled with steep drops on one side to negotiating dangerous terrain caused by flooding or landslides — every minute brings a new challenge when driving on any of these deadly roads. The documentary also highlights how vital these routes are for local communities despite their danger since they provide access to remote villages, essential commodities and even medical help.


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David B