Deadly Roads | Afghanistan, South Africa & India

Sep 12, 2023 | Environmental, People, Social, Videos

There are few things that test human resilience quite like surviving a bumpy ride through rough terrain, where nature’s unsettling beauty is matched only by the life-threatening conditions. Such is the experience that awaits you in the thought-provoking documentary exploring the Duong Valley Region.
Nestled between China, Burma, and Tibet, the Duong Valley road has one key role: serving as a lifeline for the numerous villages in the region. But as you’ll see in the documentary, this link between nations comes with a price. Join the film crew as they board a collective taxi, accompanied by curious locals and a very special pig, to explore the area.
Like the drivers, you’ll quickly realize that making it through the Duong Valley is not for the faint of heart. The road starts paved, but quickly gives way to a dirt track perched on the side of a vertiginous ravine. Landslides punctuate the drivers’ progress, and passengers frequently have to get out and dig. It’s a bumpy ride, and the pig has to be moved from his precarious position on the roof of the vehicle to join the human passengers inside.
The drivers are fearless, ready to risk life and limb to complete their journeys. This is not lost on the travelers who work for long hours inhaling dust and carbon monoxide, hoping that the vibrations from the engines will not cause the tunnel to collapse on their heads. The roof of an unfinished tunnel has collapsed, and the lorries cannot get through. We catch a glimpse of the crowd waiting at the entrance, and their determination to carve their way through the rubble lies at the heart of the documentary’s message.
At the Duong Valley’s dizzying heights, woodcutters fell the trees to make carbon, before embarking upon a back-breaking hike to the roadside where they will sell their wares. Their lives are not easy. To reach their destination, they must swing across a 50-meter river on a make-shift flying fox, with their heavy cargo in tow. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but seeing these men and women carrying on despite the challenges is life-affirming.
These stories of the Duong Valley’s intrepid inhabitants interweave with the drama of its beautiful but unpredictable landscape. A Buddhist monk loads heavy stones on the back of a geriatric pickup truck, and an entrepreneur gambles his savings on a lead mine, each relying on the arduous road to get by. The documentary reminds us of the resilient spirit of humankind, of the power of perseverance to transcend all borders.
But these words do little justice to the stunning reality captured in the Duong Valley documentary. You will marvel at the landscapes, form emotional bonds with the people you meet, and see firsthand the lengths they go to keep this road open. Do yourself a favor and watch this incredible documentary that is both a tribute to human resilience and a story of inspiring bravery.

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David B