Deadliest Roads | Zambia: Life Goes On

Jul 10, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

Have you ever heard of the legendary creatures that live in Zambia? No, we’re not talking about unicorns or dragons; we’re talking about a very old truck and a person who has the power to command an exodus.
The first creature is a very old truck that has been used to construct thousands of farmers’ homes in Zambia. Despite 46 years of service, leaks, and constant breakdowns, it is still on the road, thanks to the determination of its owners, Nicolas and his father, Cosam. For them and their village, keeping the truck running is a matter of survival. And, during the rainy season, the villagers rally round to help them, a sign of their gratitude for all the years of faithful service.
The second creature is the King Iosis Imwiko II, who has the power to command an exodus when the waters of the Zambezi flood the country’s plains. The incredible procession that ensues is a testament to the power of the people to adapt to obstacles and help one another. Only after the king has left, are the farmers who live on the flooded land allowed to move.
These stories of resilience and community spirit are at the heart of a new documentary about Zambia. Filmmaker, Daniel Ndlovyu, has captured the human spirit that keeps the country alight, despite poverty and obstacles. His film shows that the inhabitants of Zambia learn from infancy what is needed to avoid dying of starvation such as going to dig in the lead mines. The mineral dust wreaks havoc but workers drink milk every morning to protect themselves.
In this documentary, you will see people who are supportive and sacrifice themselves to help others; they adapt to obstacles and learn important lessons about community and the human spirit.
Are you intrigued? Watch the documentary about the legendary creatures of Zambia to learn more.

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