Deadliest Roads | Tanzania

Jun 23, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

Lake Tanganyika, located in Tanzania, East Africa is the largest and most beautiful lake in the world. Spanning over 673 kilometers long, it is one of the oldest lakes on Earth, estimated to have been around for at least 20 million years. It is a breathtakingly gorgeous body of water bordered by the African Great Lakes with steep cliffs rising from its depths and an average depth of 570 meters.

Crossing Lake Tanganyika can be done in two ways: one can take a bumpy 20 hour ride on a pickup truck along roads full of potholes or choose to sail across on the oldest cargo ship in the world – LIEMBA. Unfortunately even this voyage can be arduous as traders attempt to reach their destination despite torrential downpours and overcrowded holds on the boat that make it difficult for the captain to keep order.

This stunning journey has been documented in an award-winning documentary called “The Old Boat”. It offers a unique perspective into one of the wonders of Africa while recounting memories from passengers and traders who have made this same trip for centuries. Through interviews and stunning visuals, it provides an intimate view into life on Lake Tanganyika for both locals and visitors alike as they cross its waters. Whether you’re looking for an informative look into African culture or simply want to be mesmerized by its beauty, “The Old Boat” will certainly leave you with a lasting impression!

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