Deadliest Roads | Senegal

May 16, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Senegal is a country vastly covered in water during its annual rainy season. These floodwaters drift across many regions including cities, resulting in collective exodus. This exodus is made through the Gambia, a small and isolated country that holds the river including the same name.

The river is a dividing line within Senegal, where locals exploit visitors travelling through. This forms their primary source of income. In the documentary “Dicing with Death”, we explore the lives of seasoned exiles on roads that have turned into sludge tracks because of the rain. The lives of women in the paddy fields who engage in back-breaking work and fishermen, aboard wooden dugouts, braving the perilous oceans for a poverty wage are showcased. Staying afloat daily is a constant struggle for many individuals in the flooded regions.

We encourage you to watch the enlightening documentary Dicing with Death. It gives us a glimpse into the struggles of various individuals, providing a striking reflection on the reality of many people’s daily struggles.

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David B