Deadliest Roads | Peru

May 9, 2023 | Activism, People, Social, Videos

From the north to the south of Peru, deep canyons cut into the Andes cordillera. But those in need of accessing their mines and villages have no choice but to embark on roads carved out of rock- unlikely roads, to say the least.
Yet, these are the only roads for those who have to supply their gold mines, cultivate their vines or return to their villages. Major companies have established themselves at the end of these roads, drawn by the fabulous natural resources the country offers- both underground with its wealth of precious metals, and in its waters teeming with fish.
Despite all the riches, this wealth rarely benefits the unskilled workers—the men and women who have to bend double to work deep in the tunnels, scratching at the earth amidst clouds of ammonia, or risk their lives at the end of a 200-foot rope, for a handful of euros.
From the Maranon River valley to the Cotahuasi canyon, by way of the Paracas desert, the Impossible Road takes us through the magnificent landscapes of Peru.
Get a closer look at these strange roads and life in this beautiful but harsh terrain in the documentary “Secrets of the World’s Strangest Roads- Impossible Peru.”

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David B