Deadliest Roads | Papua New Guinea

Sep 11, 2023 | Environmental, People, Social, Videos

The rugged Highlands of Papua New Guinea are home to some of the most challenging driving routes in the world. With few roads connecting remote populations, goods are transported by intrepid drivers over treacherous terrain. The Highland Highway is the only way, a treacherous path that winds its way through mountainous forests and across dangerous ravines.
The documentary film “Highway Thru Hell: Papua New Guinea” follows the journeys of Kevin and Billy, two seasoned drivers who risk their lives to bring vital goods to isolated communities. Their feats of courage and endurance are nothing short of remarkable.
But danger and obstacles lie around every turn. Mudslides stretch across the road, and armed gangs can attack at any moment. The drivers must be constantly alert, navigating the treacherous terrain while dealing with the pressures of delivering goods and staying awake during long journeys.
The documentary offers a captivating look into the real-world struggles and challenges of drivers on the Highland Highway. To fully understand their incredible journeys, watch “Highway Thru Hell: Papua New Guinea” now.

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David B