Deadliest Roads | Nepal

May 6, 2023 | Social, Videos

Far from the tourist hotspots, life in Nepal’s Gorkha region is a daily battle against the perils of the monsoon season. The villagers, cut-off from the outside world, rely on truck and mule caravans that strive tirelessly to provide for their basic necessities; yet even these lifelines are sometimes cut off.
Mud ditches formed by the downpour frequently trap vehicles, and they don’t release them without a fight. It’s a battle that must be won, since supplies need to reach these isolated hamlets to keep their inhabitants alive.
In this remote part of the world, shaman witch doctors are the last line of defense against bad spirits and misfortune. They watch over the meager population with their esoteric practices, their presence providing a sense of security in an environment where danger lurks at every turn.
If you want to see first-hand what life is like in Gorkha during the monsoon season, we highly recommend watching “Into the Heart of Gorkha,” a documentary that showcases the remarkable resilience and resourcefulness of these Nepalese villagers in the face of extreme challenges.

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David B