Deadliest Roads | Myanmar

Jun 10, 2023 | Culture, Environmental, People, Social, Videos

In the acclaimed documentary series, we explore the lengths people go to in order to change their destinies, journeying along some of the world’s most dangerous routes. One such journey is in North-West Myanmar–the most mountainous region of the country–where the roads are notoriously risky but have enabled the country to preserve its traditional culture and ancient rituals.

One example of this is seen with Khampi, who drives a truck despite these difficult conditions, showing courage and determination with his travels. Similarly, young Sokna performs an ancient ritual known as ‘the kiss of death’ which legend has it will help village women become pregnant quickly if they kiss a Royal Cobra three times.

This documentary takes us away from tourist tracks and immerses us into the heart of Myanmar and its culture. The stunning scenery and authentic traditions make for a captivating watch that will leave viewers both informed and inspired.

So why not join us on this incredible journey? Explore North-West Myanmar’s unique environment, hear stories of bravery against all odds, and discover ancient rituals that have been passed down for generations. This moving story highlights how adventure can be found anywhere–even in some of the world’s least explored places.

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David B