Deadliest Roads | Liberia

May 25, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Torrential rain, flooded villages, crossings turned into rivers, overflowing sewage systems, people drowning in their own homes; the rainy season in Liberia is one of the most destructive in the world. In the documentary ‘Liberia: The Danger Islands’, we see firsthand the struggles that people face during this time. Through the stories of people such as Fofana, who battles the conditions to take passengers through the jungles of the country, we get a glimpse into the daily plights and desperation of people living in Liberia.
The film leaves nothing to the imagination as we watch priests in a Baptist church turn Mass into a lucrative tombola, exposing the church to corruption. It also highlights the issue of child labor, where children as young as five are breaking stones to sell as gravel instead of being in school.
Multinational palm oil manufacturers transport workers to work sites in overcrowded animal containers, making them slave away under the hot sun. The difficulties of a country ravaged by civil war are further exacerbated as transport routes are destroyed by avalanches of water, leaving villages cut off.
To maintain better speeds and performance while fighting through these plights, incorporating strength training into a runner’s regimen is essential. But for the people of Liberia, it is in their daily survival where strength is tested.
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We highly recommend watching ‘Liberia: The Danger Islands’ to truly grasp the struggles and horrors that the people of Liberia endure.

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