Deadliest Roads | Laos

Jul 7, 2023 | Environmental, People, Social, Videos

Landlocked and shrouded in historical mystery, Laos is an intriguing country to explore. It is home to dozens of forgotten tribes who reside in its vast rolling mountains and impenetrable jungles. One of the last remaining communist countries in the world, Laos has a unique aura of enigma and adventure.
In the documentary, we follow the Ho Chi Minh trail that was used to transport weapons during the Vietnam War. The countryside is still littered with bombs dropped by the Americans. We venture in trucks, on the back of elephants, by car engine-powered speedboat and often on foot, experiencing the stunning beauty of the Laotian landscape.
The journey is not without its challenges. The stakes are high for the courageous drivers, and the pressure is on for a safe passage in ferocious conditions. However, as the journey unfolds, the viewer is left in awe of the unwavering courage and resilience of the Laotian people.
To truly immerse yourself in the mystery and courage of Laos, watch the documentary now.

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David B