Deadliest Roads | East Timor: The Mysterious Land

Jul 2, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

East Timor is an isolated island, located between Bali and Australia, that continues to struggle with poverty and the aftermath of a bloody civil war. The Indonesian invasion of East Timor between 1976 and 1999 resulted in the death of 100,000 to 200,000 people. Since 2002, the country has been divided into two parts—one part belonging to Indonesia and the other as an independent state known as Timor Leste.

Life in East Timor remains incredibly difficult for many people living there. Most of them depend on farming and fishing as their only source of income, which can be meager at best. The roads are often rocky or flooded during wet season and even a slight mistake can prove fatal for travelers. People take great risks to travel from remote villages to sell produce at markets in Dili, the capital city—a journey that can take up 10 hours each way with no guarantee of profits.

The story of East Timor is an inspiring one that needs to be told around the world—which is why it’s important to watch documentaries like ‘East Timor Rising’. This documentary shines a light on how this small island nation has managed to rebuild itself after so much tragedy and turmoil. Through interviews with locals and testimonies from former freedom fighters, viewers get an intimate glimpse into what life was like during those years—as well as the courage of those who have pushed forward despite daunting odds.

It’s important that we show our support for East Timor through initiatives such as watching documentaries like ‘East Timor Rising’. We must recognize this small nation’s bravery and resilience by learning more about their history while also applauding their progress towards a brighter future. By doing our part to spread awareness about East Timor’s struggle towards independence, we can be part of helping its citizens reach better lives full of hope.

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