Deadliest Roads | Bolivia: Comes the Flood

Jul 15, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

Bolivia has been hit by torrential rain, floods, and landslides, with roads reduced to mud and floods. Despite the money invested in safe roads, the country continues to suffer greatly. However, the main industries in Bolivia, like Brazil nuts harvesting, keep moving on.
In this documentary, we follow Edgar and his son on a journey across the country to transport Brazil nuts to the processing plant. They cross tributaries and flooded grounds, facing constant risks of getting stuck. Their ultimate goal, La Paz, has become an almighty challenge.
But Edgar and his son are not alone. Across Bolivia, people’s lives are defined by their struggle against nature. Families of harvesters venture into the depths of the Bolivian Amazon to collect shells from giant Brazil nut trees. They face constant risks from spiders, snakes, tarantulas, and even shells falling from trees, threatening to crack skulls.
However, there are also other problems looming. Bolivia is a country on the brink of a major natural disaster caused by deforestation and other environmental disruptions.
Watch this documentary to join us on an exciting and insightful journey into the hazards and people of Bolivia.

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David B