Deadliest Roads | Australia

Jun 28, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

Australia is an island-continent in the southern hemisphere, known for its natural beauty and contrasting ways of life. The south and west are highly developed, while the rest of the country remains wild and untamed.
A new documentary, called Australia Beyond, explores the people, places, and cultures that make up this vast and diverse nation. One of the most striking aspects of the film is the contrast between the modern world and ancient Aboriginal cultures that have survived here for over 50,000 years.
The documentary takes viewers on a journey through the outback, where giant trucks, called road trains, transport goods across rugged terrain. Experienced drivers have taken these beasts at full speed for generations, connecting remote communities and keeping commerce flowing.
But it’s not just about logistics. The outback is a natural paradise, with the Gibson Desert and unspoiled Arnhem Coast offering breathtaking views and a chance to reconnect with nature. It’s here that members of the Yolngu tribe have kept their cultures and customs alive for millennia.
Australia Beyond is not just a travel documentary – it’s a celebration of a unique way of life. It’s a reminder that even in our modern world, there are places where traditional lifestyles and ancient traditions continue to thrive.
Don’t miss Australia Beyond – the film that captures the heart of one of the world’s most fascinating countries.

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David B