Deadliest Journeys | Senegal: Head Out of Water

Jul 28, 2023 | People, Travel, Videos

Every year during the rainy season in Senegal, large areas of the country become submerged underwater. This phenomenon, known as the “inundations,” sees entire regions being flooded in a matter of days.

For many Senegalese, this is an all too familiar part of their reality – some are even used to it, having experienced it multiple times before. But for others, these floods mean displacement and uncertainty. It’s during these times that we witness people on a desperate journey to safety, traveling along roads turned to sludge tracks by the relentless rain.

The documentary “Inondations” follows this struggle up close, charting the experiences of those who have been forced from their homes as a result of flooding. Through compelling interviews and beautiful cinematography, viewers get a vivid sense of the life-altering effects that flooding can have on individuals and families.

This documentary is more than just an eye-opening insight into a unique corner of Africa; it’s also an important reminder that natural disasters don’t discriminate; they can strike anyone at any time. In this regard, “Inondations” is both educational and thought-provoking – an essential viewing experience for anyone wishing to understand how climate change and its consequences are impacting communities around the world.

If you’re looking for a powerful film with depth and emotion that will engage your mind and stir your heart then don’t miss out on “Inondations” – it’s sure to leave you with lasting impressions about one of nature’s cruelest phenomena.

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David B