Deadliest Journeys – Peru: Vertigo In The Andes

Jul 6, 2023 | Animals, Travel, Videos

The documentary, The Impossible Road, takes us on a captivating journey through the diverse and beautiful geography of Peru. From the lush Maranon River valley to the arid Paracas desert, we experience the deep canyons cut into the Andes cordillera that stretch from north to south. Along this incredible journey, we bear witness to both the immense beauty and tragic exploitation of Peru’s resources.

The Peruvian landscape is home to an incredible array of precious metals like gold and silver as well as plentiful fish in its many waters. Unfortunately, when multinational companies come to reap these rewards, it is rarely at a benefit for the local workers who put their lives on the line for meager wages. We meet countless laborers working deep in ammonia-filled shafts or suspended 200 feet above ground with no safety net in sight.

The Impossible Road follows these people from all ages and walks of life. From families struggling against dangerous work conditions to those fighting against environmental destruction caused by these same companies, we see how they tirelessly strive for a better future despite enormous odds stacked against them.

This powerful documentary shines light on a part of Peru rarely seen before. Through breathtaking cinematography and intimate storytelling, it captures both the splendors and tragedies of this incredible country. If you are looking for an inspiring yet heart-wrenching film that will stay with you long after watching it – The Impossible Road is exactly what you are looking for.

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David B