Deadliest Journeys – Nigeria: Slaves of the Black Gold

Jul 17, 2023 | Nature, Travel, Videos

The Niger Delta region of Nigeria is home to a hidden landscape of illegal refineries, known as “cooking spots”. For over a decade, these sites have been controlled by armed groups and hostile take-over forces, creating an atmosphere of fear and violence. Few outsiders have managed to document the reality of life in the area – until now.

Award-winning filmmakers have spent a month in the region to produce an incredible documentary about the everyday experiences of oil traffickers. This gripping film reveals an untold story of economic exploitation and political instability between Nigeria, one of the world’s biggest oil producers, and Western countries that rely on its fuel resources.

Meanwhile, local inhabitants in the Niger Delta are left out of this lucrative industry despite being surrounded by it. Driven by a sense of disenfranchisement, they often resort to illegal tactics in order to claim a portion of the profits which elude them.

The documentary provides a fascinating yet sobering insight into these complex issues; it offers both Nigerian and international perspectives on a problem that remains largely unreported by mainstream media outlets. With powerful testimonies from those caught up in this struggle for power and control over resources, it is an unmissable piece of cinema for anyone interested in cutting-edge social analysis or human rights issues.

Don’t miss your chance to join this remarkable journey into one of Nigeria’s most secretive corners – watch this inspiring documentary today!

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David B