Deadliest Journeys – Cameroon, Birds and Lizards

Aug 10, 2023 | Animals, Videos

Cameroon is a country with an underdeveloped infrastructure. Out of the entire road network in the country, only 2% of them have been asphalted. This means that the majority of roads are unpaved and bumpy, making travel difficult for the inhabitants.

Because Cameroon has no railway system, citizens rely heavily on Clandos’ taxi services to get around. Unfortunately, these services can be unreliable and costly. The lack of public transportation presents another problem for those who cannot afford cars, as they are often left with no other choice but to use these taxis as their form of transport.

Moreover, there is also the issue of air travel being too expensive and dangerous for many people in Cameroon. While this may be seen as faster mode of transportation compared to cars or taxis, it is not a viable option for most people due to its costs and safety concerns.

This bleak reality faced by those living in Cameroon has been captured by an upcoming documentary called ‘The Taxi Ride’ – featuring their struggles and hope despite all odds. We invite you to learn more about this incredible story and how it affects the daily lives of Cameroonians by watching this documentary soon!

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David B