Dawn of Humanity

Aug 20, 2023 | Science, Videos

Millions of years ago, the first human ancestors left their ape brethren and ventured into a new world; one that would ultimately give rise to humanity. In recent years, fossil findings have helped to shed light on the story of our evolution from those ape-like predecessors. Now, a unique discovery in a South African cave promises to further reveal the mystery of how humans came to be.

Nova and the National Geographic have gained exclusive access to this almost inaccessible chamber deep in the cave, where over 1,500 bones have been found scattered about. This is an unprecedented discovery that could potentially rewrite the story of our origin. Scientists are eager to examine these pieces of history and piece together how mankind evolved from its primate predecessors.

The journey that humanity has taken has been long and complex, filled with milestones along every step of the way. Watching this documentary will take viewers on a fascinating journey through time as we explore our evolutionary history and gain insight into our past, present, and future selves. It is an opportunity not only for learning but also for self reflection – an understanding of who we were and who we are now in relation to those first steps into our human evolution.

Tune in to Nova and National Geographic for this special documentary event that will help us better understand ourselves and where we come from – both literally and figuratively! This is sure to be an unforgettable experience as archaeologists uncover new secrets about human evolution while giving viewers an unparalleled look at the ancient remains found in this remarkable South African cave. Don’t miss out on this chance to uncover our past!

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David B