Darwin’s Secret Notebooks

Aug 19, 2023 | Science, Videos

It was in 1831 that the young Charles Darwin set off on his five-year journey of discovery that would change the world forever. On what was originally intended to be a scientific survey of South America and its adjacent islands, he found himself captivated by the unknown.

A mere 22 years old at the time, Darwin spent five years visiting remote lands and studying the natural wonders of the then-uncharted environment. By examining local wildlife and plants, as well as collecting fossils and rocks, he began to piece together evidence that would later form his theory of evolution.

On his return to England in 1836, he wrote up his findings in an extensive travel journal which documented such seminal observations as natural selection and evolution through speciation. This work became highly influential among scientists and eventually led to the publication of “On The Origin Of Species” in 1859 – a major milestone for evolutionary biology.

In celebration of Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday, a new documentary series follows in his footsteps around South America and its surrounding islands – retracing his expedition for new evidence that inspired him to create one of the most revolutionary works in history. Through a combination of archival footage from Darwin’s own voyage, interviews with experts from across the globe, and stunning visuals showcasing life on these remote locations today, this documentary is sure to inspire any viewer with its intimate look into how one man changed our entire understanding of life on Earth.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn more about Charles Darwin’s incredible journey! Watch as he navigates uncharted waters, seeking clues from nature that will eventually give birth to one of humanity’s greatest scientific theories. Whether you’re a lifelong student or simply curious about Earth’s natural history, this thought-provoking show will leave you awestruck at the power of human curiosity.

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David B