Dark Web: The Story of the Criminal Loli Candy Group in Indonesia

Sep 15, 2023 | Crime, Social, Videos

It was one of 640 million closed groups on Facebook. Hiding behind the veil of anonymity, the creator of the child pornography group Loli Candy and its 7,000 members concealed their horrific activities on Facebook and WhatsApp – the distribution of deplorable images of abuse. Even though they were eventually brought to justice, countless similar groups thrive on social media platforms, with unsuspecting users unaware of their monstrous activities.
“The Dark Web” series reveals the ominous side of the internet that most people are oblivious to. What seems like a positive force in our lives – social media, communication apps, and online platforms – is being used by criminals to engage in illicit and dangerous activities. This documentary takes you behind the scenes of these ominous, hidden corners of the internet to expose the hazardous world that lurks beyond the veneer of the positive social media experience that we are used to.

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David B