D-Day, June 6, 1944: The Mistake that Costed Hitler the War

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June 6, 1944 is commonly known as the D-Day, or the day when the allied forces managed to land on the beaches of Normandy in France, and turn the Second World War around.

The go-ahead command came on the morning of June 5, when the General Dwight D. Eisenhower, gave the order for the largest amphibious military operation so far in history.

And while the operation did not go as well as planned, it was a crucial success in the battle against the Nazi in Europe. General Bernard Montgomery would later admit that the Allied forces planned to land even more forces in the fields of Normandy, but they couldn’t.

However, by the end of June 1944, the Allied Forces had 850,000 men and 150,000 military vehicles on the grounds.

What is interesting about the D-Day invasion is that at the beginning, Hitler didn’t believe it was a serious invasion. Which in hindsight is one of the reasons why the operation was successful. Hitler was missing his celebrated commander Erwin Rommel for the time being.

When the invasion at Normandy began, Hitler thought it was a distraction, and that an attack north of the Seine River was coming. Therefore, the Fuhrer made a crucial mistake, he refused to release nearby divisions to provide assets for the counterattack and reinforcements. His hesitation is what caused the delay in defense, and the success of the D-Day operation.

The documentary takes you through the whole process of the celebrated June 6, 1944 operation, how it all went down, and how the Allied Forces were able to turn the tables on Hitler and the war in Europe.

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