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Jul 1, 2023 | Technology, Videos

Volvo Trucks’ factory in Belgium is one of the world’s largest truck producers, located near the romantic town of Ghent. The factory is in the ideal location, close to thousands of customers across Western Europe.
These trucks are not only kings of the road, with enormous power and all-rounder capabilities, but they are also individually tailored to fit each customer’s requirements. Every truck leaving this factory is unique. Around 1500 individual parts are installed during a feat of logistical perfection, completing 210 operations over eight hours.
Volvo Trucks in Belgium was the first carbon-neutral car factory globally, as early as 2009, producing trucks powered by green energy with no CO2 emissions. The factory is still high-tech with a gigantic, fully automated warehouse and modern robots. However, nothing works here without well-trained people. The workers are Volvo Trucks’ “people factory.”
Currently, Volvo Trucks is testing new high-tech equipment to support highly trained workforces, such as exoskeletons and virtual reality glasses which allow workers and computers to become one. This innovation could make the Volvo truck factory the factory of the future!
If you want to learn more about this amazing Mega Manufacturing factory and their carbon-neutral production, we encourage you to watch the documentary.

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David B