Curiosity: Mission To Mars

Aug 17, 2023 | Science, Technology, Videos

Horizon takes viewers on a groundbreaking journey to Mars with the NASA Curiosity mission, the most expensive and ambitious attempt to search for life on the Red Planet. The mission consists of a nuclear-powered rover, the size of a car, that will be winched down from a rocket-crane onto the surface. With only six days left before landing, there is no room for error – Mars has earned its nickname as the ‘Bermuda Triangle of Space’ due to numerous failed missions.

The Curiosity mission offers an unprecedented opportunity for us to explore one of our closest celestial neighbors and answer one of our oldest questions; is there life on Mars? The documentary follows in real-time as scientists and engineers at NASA frantically prepare for launch, crossing their fingers that this won’t be another failed mission.

Viewers will marvel at never-before seen footage of the Curiosity mission being prepared, along with interviews with some of NASA’s top researchers and engineers. In addition to getting an inside look at this incredible feat of science and engineering, we get an emotional rollercoaster ride through every twist and turn that comes with a project like this – from nail-biting anticipation to moments of triumph.

Horizon’s documentary provides an incredible window into space exploration as well as giving us hope for what the future holds for humanity. If you want to experience what could potentially become one of mankind’s biggest accomplishments, don’t miss this inspiring documentary about the search for life on Mars!

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David B