Curaçao and climate change

Oct 20, 2023 | Environmental, Nature, Social, Videos

Julieta, a 14-year-old volunteer from Curaçao in the Caribbean, discovered her passion for rescuing turtles. As an endangered species, turtles face increasing threats as a result of climate change and pollution. Julieta and her activist friends from an island conservancy group are determined to save as many turtles as possible. However, their efforts are not enough, prompting them to seek the assistance of veterinarian Odette Doest and her emissary for conservancy, Bob the flamingo.
This heart-warming documentary tells the story of how Julieta and her companions go about rescuing turtles on the island. With warming oceans triggering algae growth and fertilizers flushed into the sea from Brazil, turtles are struggling to survive. But Julieta’s fearless attitude and unwavering commitment leave viewers in awe. Will Julieta and her team’s efforts be enough to preserve the lives of the majestic sea turtles? Watch the documentary to find out!

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David B