Culture in Decline: Economics 101

Aug 16, 2023 | Economics, News, Political, Social, Videos

Economics 101 is an enlightening documentary that explores the important topic of economic calculation, market rationale and its effects. Through interviews with experts, special guest Gremlin, CID’s “Man on the Street”, and Peter’s alter ego – a symbol of evil capitalist peach-suit attitude, this documentary delves deeply into complex issues that many take for granted.

The show examines key topics such as sustainability and scientific principles in order to raise awareness about current practices which are often accepted without much thought. The mission of Economics 101 is to challenge viewers to step out of their comfort zone and look at cultural phenomena objectively. It seeks to provide a concise benchmark of fundamental logic and reason so that people can become more informed when it comes to making decisions about our society.

Economics 101 is an entertaining yet educational experience that everyone should see in order to gain a better understanding of these important concepts. Whether you’re an economics major or a casual observer interested in learning about how global markets work, this documentary will provide fascinating insights into a world where money makes the rules. So don’t miss out on this must-watch show!

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David B