Culture in Decline: Economics 101

  • Published 7 years ago
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From the maker of the Zeitgeist film arrangement, Peter Joseph, comes the most noticeably bad reality show ever: the genuine one. This opening show addresses the nearing 2012 US Presidential Election and the subject of what we see as "Majority rule government" on the planet today.

One of the most prominent figure of the exploratory thought Carl Sagan once welcomed the inquiry: If we are gone by an unrivaled animal varieties from another piece of the universe and compelled to disclose to them our stewardship of our planet, also the condition of the human undertakings today, would we be glad for what we depict?

This arrangement speaks to a sarcastic yet genuine outflow that difficulties different social phenomena existing today which the majority of society appear to underestimate. Nothing is viewed as sacrosanct in this Series with the exception of a withdrew benchmark of key rationale and reason - constraining the viewer to venture out of the container of "Ordinariness" and to consider our societal practices without conventional things and predispositions. Regular topics incorporate Politics, Economics, Education, Security, Religion, Vanity, Governance, Media, Labor, Technology and different issues driven to our day by day lives.

If you enjoyed this documentary and would like to watch more episodes of ‘Culture in Decline’, click here.

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