Culture among beer drinkers

Nov 14, 2022 | Food/Drink, Videos

Interesting fact about alcoholic beverages is that they have routes in human culture dating back as far as 8000 years. They include wine, beer and liquor, whereas beer is the oldest of the three, dating back to the early Neolithic period (9500 BC). Evidence of that claim is found in written history of ancient Iraq and Egypt.

Discover how one of the most popular beverages in the world is made. This is a story about beer and the culture that developed around the brewing and consumption of this extraordinary beverage.

Follow the story about the Colorado Top Craft Brewers and learn about their hardships on the way to success. Will the commercial beer industry prevail over independent brewery business and will these small businesses emerge from the economic crisis?

This documentary will give you an insight into these issues and the strategic approach of these breweries to the matters at hand.

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Riyan H.