Cuba – nostalgia and change

Jun 1, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Experience the beauty and contradictions of Cuba in this compelling and thought-provoking documentary. Since Fidel Castro brought revolution to the island in 1959, Cuba has been stuck between nostalgia and change. With vintage cars and crumbling facades, Havana seems trapped in time, while young Cubans embrace the future with boundless optimism. Against the backdrop of this historic intersection, a compelling narrative unfolds, taking us on a journey from the bustling streets of Havana to the pristine beaches of the north.
With a mix of panoramic views and intimate close-ups, the documentary explores the unique culture of Cuba, where material shortages have led to inventive solutions such as “El Paquete,” a portable information network that stretches across the island. But amidst the enthusiasm for change, the country remains firmly rooted in its revolutionary past, with the Sierra Maestra mountains and Santiago de Cuba still steeped in revolutionary romance. The restaurant “La Guarida” symbolizes this duality, as the owner balances the business’s profit with the restoration of the historic mansion it occupies. With rich visuals and a powerful narrative, this documentary captures the profound contradictions and incredible vitality of Cuba today.

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David B