Cuba: High prices, lines and shortages

May 23, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

The socialist project initiated by Fidel Castro is slowly but surely disintegrating, leading Cuba into a constantly growing crisis that’s affecting the daily lives of millions. Sanctions imposed for decades, a failed currency reform and increasing economic dependency are leaving the country stranded, now experiencing dire shortages of food, medicine and electricity. The state-run stores are getting emptier and lines for basic necessities longer, while inflation and prices soar.
The Cuban people, once known for their ingenuity, are also reaching their limits as they try to cope with the harsh realities of poverty and hopelessness. Revolutionaries of the past are becoming mere faded images in Havana and beyond, as the island nation struggles to survive. From these troubled depths emerges a human story of courage, strength, and resilience under the toughest of conditions. Discover the spirit of the Cuban people in times of crisis, and experience their determination to overcome adversity in a powerful, thought-provoking documentary that takes you right into the heart and soul of this Caribbean nation.

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David B