Cuba – building a catholic church

Nov 20, 2023 | Culture, People, Social, Videos

For centuries, the Catholic Church had been an integral part of Cuba’s cultural and religious identity. Yet that role had dwindled after the 1959 revolution that brought Fidel Castro’s communist regime to power. Decades of political repression and economic hardships had challenged Cuba’s faith communities, leading many religious traditions to operate underground or in private homes. The Catholic Church was no exception; fearing persecution, many priests and worshipers left the country, and the Church’s influence waned.
But in recent years, Catholicism has been making a comeback in Cuba. Small “house churches” have mushroomed throughout the island, offering people a place to worship in private homes. The community in Guiteras, a suburb of Havana, has been one such example. Their desire to build a church was almost a dream, until Pope Francis visited in 2015 and reignited their hopes.This inspiring documentary takes us on the journey of the church will finally be ready.

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David B