Crips And Bloods: Made In America

Jul 7, 2024 | Crime, Drugs, Lifestyle, Social, Videos

CRIPS AND BLOODS: MADE IN AMERICA is a critically acclaimed documentary directed by Stacy Peralta and Executive Produced by NBA champion Baron Davis and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Stephen Luczo. The film offers an insightful and unyielding look into the worlds of the infamous Crips and Bloods, two African-American gangs that have been wreaking havoc in South Los Angeles for decades.

The narrative illuminates the full scope of gang culture, exploring the turf wars, hierarchical structure, code of conduct, gun and death culture, as well as the legacy of black self-hatred that has been perpetuated in modern society. Through interviews with current and former gang members, intervention experts, writers, activists, academics—as well as those who are trying to make a difference—the audience is provided with a deeper understanding of the issue.

The film presents viewers with a shocking reality of daily life within these gangs but offers an inspiring message of hope for those affected by it. Former gang members speak about their dreams for a better life beyond crime and violence; they provide us with insight into their stories while encouraging others to escape from this vicious cycle. This documentary is more than just an examination of crime, it gives us an opportunity to reflect on our own lives and experiences while inspiring us to take action against this crisis.


CRIPS AND BLOODS: MADE IN AMERICA should be watched by all who seek to understand the history behind gang violence in South Los Angeles – or anywhere else in the world where it exists – and gain an important perspective on how we can come together work towards a brighter future for everyone affected by this issue. It’s also important viewing if you want to be inspired to take action against senseless violence and make positive changes in your community. So don’t miss out on this powerful documentary!

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