Crazy for Plastic Surgery

Jul 27, 2023 | Health, Lifestyle, Medicine, People, Technology, Videos

Cosmetic surgery is becoming an increasingly popular trend in Europe and around the world. To better understand this plastic surgery craze, French plastic surgeons Mauricio de Maio and Oren Marco, as well as philosopher Heather Widdows, discuss the implications of this phenomenon in the documentary “The Changing Face of Beauty”.

The documentary delves into the social landscape of cosmetic surgery and explores how our ideas on beauty have changed over time. It analyses the psychological effects of plastic surgery on individuals, their self-image, and their sense of personal identity. The film also examines the medical aspects of cosmetic procedures and reveals how experts are striving to make them safer while ensuring maximum aesthetic results for their patients.

Mauricio de Maio is a world-renowned specialist in facial rejuvenation and current president of ISAPS (the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). He has years of experience in operating with precision and accuracy to create natural-looking enhancements for his clients. Oren Marco is another highly esteemed surgeon whose practice specializes in facial reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. His philosophy is that beauty is a matter of harmony between one’s physical features and emotional states. Lastly, Heather Widdows adds a philosophical perspective to this discussion by exploring how society’s ideals shape people’s conceptions about beauty and self-image.

It’s easy to see why “The Changing Face of Beauty” has become such an engaging documentary for viewers around the world – it invites us to explore questions we all have about beauty, identity, aging, self-confidence, and ultimately what it means to be human. So if you’re curious to learn more about cosmetic surgery or want to reflect more deeply on your own ideas regarding aesthetics, don’t miss out on this fascinating opportunity!

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