Craft Beer in Gwangju: Korea’s evolving taste for Mekju

Apr 8, 2022 | Food/Drink, Travel, Videos

When you think of Korea and alcohol, the first association is soju. It is the world’s best-selling alcohol, not just the best-selling alcohol in Korea. A distilled beverage made from water and ethanol, soju is arguably the most popular drink you can have. But that doesn’t mean that Koreans do not have any other beverages. In fact, they have craft beer, and quite popular one to be fair. When people travel to Korea, they want to try soju first, and Mekju second. Mekju is the name for the craft beer you can order in Korea. Shay Meinecke, a travel journalist, goes to Korea to explore the emerging popularity of craft beer. He seeks the help of some residents, as they take him to one of the most popular bar for craft beer. Check out the video to find out more about Korea’s popular beer. The next time you get an opportunity to travel to Korea, do not stick to soju. Try Mekju as well.

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Riyan H.