Cracking The Shakespeare Code

Aug 14, 2023 | Conspiracy, History, Videos

In Norway, a new phenomenon has taken the nation by storm – one which claims to reveal the hidden secrets of William Shakespeare. Petter Amundsen, a church organist, sparked this debate when he presented his theories, revealing evidence of secret codes embedded in Shakespeare’s work and mythical objects hidden within them.

This documentary follows Robert Crumpton as he dives into Amundsen’s claims and attempts to uncover the truth behind them. With a best selling author backing up Amundsen’s theories, the debate has quickly skyrocketed, with thousands of followers on social media all striving to prove his claims right.

Crumpton embarks on an adventure to find out if there really is treasure hidden in Shakespeare’s works. His journey will take him across Norway and into the depths of its literary heritage. Along the way, he meets with experts in language and history who have their own thoughts on whether or not these codes are real.

For anyone interested in discovering what lies beneath the surface of one of literature’s greatest minds, this documentary is a must-watch. Join Crumpton as he unearths never-before seen secrets about William Shakespeare and explores an ancient mystery that could revolutionize our understanding of him forever!

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David B