Aug 13, 2023 | Drugs, Social, Videos

The BBC’s gripping documentary, CRACKHOUSE, follows former crack cocaine user Carl John, or ‘CJ’, as he returns to his home town of Liverpool and immerses himself back in the lives of old friends who have all become addicted to the destructive drug. This film provides an honest and unapologetic look into the life of a crack addict – no matter how difficult it may be to stomach.

From prostitution to shoplifting, this documentary reveals how CJ and others in similar situations find ways to make ends meet under these extreme conditions. It serves as a stark reminder that while danger lurks at every corner, there can also be moments of hope and redemption – feelings best expressed through CJ’s determination to help those closest to him out of their struggles with addiction.

Viewers will be transfixed by this captivating story of CJ’s journey back home and what he discovers about his old friends – not only suffering from drug addiction but also struggling with issues such as mental health problems that are often overlooked when discussing this topic. While many people are aware of the consequences drug abuse can lead too, they may be unaware of its causes – something that is explored deeply throughout this compelling documentary.

Those interested in learning more about the reality behinds substance misuse should strongly consider watching CRACKHOUSE for themselves. Its raw portrayal of life on the streets is a powerful reminder that addiction doesn’t discriminate – and that support networks can help provide hope for those affected by it.

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David B