Crackhouse - BBC 'Real Life' Documentary

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According to statistics, one in three British adults has taken an illegal substance once in his life, and one fifth of those are still using illegal substances. And that is data from 2014. The drug addiction problem is constantly rising, and people are not paying attention.

Which is why documentaries like this one are refreshing. The “Crackhouse” touches on the hardest subject when it comes to drug abuse. And that is real life.

How do drug addicts live? What challenges do they face? One of the biggest problems is that family and friends cannot stand to be around drug addicts and watch them ruin their own lives.

That being said, nobody can help if not for friends and family. Carl John is a young guy from Britain. He decides to visit his home town in Liverpool after a while. The city has a major cocaine problem, and has high percentage of drug addicts when compared to other cities in the UK.

Carl visits his old friends who are now drug addicts, and provides some insight on the problem. Warning: the content can be offensive and hard to watch, as there are prostitutes and people smoking crack.

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