Covering Donald J. Trump

Aug 18, 2023 | Political, Social, Videos

In the United States, “fake news” has become a polarizing phrase. It is frequently used by President Trump, with the intention of discrediting coverage that is critical of him or his policies. This has resulted in a contentious relationship between the president and the media, which has sharpened existing political divisions within the country.
“Behind the Scenes of the Trump Administration’s Relationship with the Press” is a documentary that aims to explore this tension, and the implications it may have for press freedom and democracy. The documentary features Alexandra von Nahmen, a member of the White House press corps who has spent a year covering the Trump administration. Through interviews with supporters, opponents, media experts, journalists, and White House correspondents, she attempts to answer the question that many people are currently asking: “Is Donald Trump a threat to press freedom?”

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David B