Couchsurfing: Traveling on Friendship

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"This short documentary explores the personal desire of individuals to travel and experience other countries and cultures whist using the Couch surfing website to make this possible. The video features David, previously a management and business student from France who is on his 39th month of travelling and he has visited 37 countries and now speaks a multitude of languages either fluently or passably. Another feature is Tsira a Georgian and an architect living in Russia’s St Peterburg. the other featured person is from Mongolia and is one of the key hosts and hosts couch surfers in his yurt along with his family; he works in a library and is a remarkable character in many ways.

David’s exploits are quite extreme for couch surfers because he is on a longer term mission but the principle and the methodology of couch surfing travel still applies and is shown nicely in this documentary. When Tsira meets Begz from Mongolia you really get a flavour for a COMPLETELY different experience; living, eating, sleeping and experiencing this very different culture with this charming “embassador” for both couchsurfing and his locale.

Tsiri learns that living in a yurt has it’s own complications and washing/showering proved a bit awkward, however, the family all live in this single tent and they are all quite relaxed. She is woken early in the morning to help with milking the cow…possibly not so successfully!! She has the opportunity to accompany the children to their school but without the guidance of her host Begz then she would struggle to gain the same valuable experiences she has achieved here…this is not an option from a regular travel holiday catalogue!!

Tsiri has learned that licking the bowl in the company of the family at mealtime is a recognised part of the meal, David has plans for another 3 years of couch surfing and Begz, a host, is waiting for scientists to develop a flying car to allow him to Embark upon travelling himself.

If you find this documentary as fascinating as I did you may also be interested in another playlist on documentarytube which describes the principles and experiences gained whilst couch surfing. LINK: Couch Surfing Documentary"

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