Costa Concordia: The Whole Story | Part 2

Nov 19, 2023 | People, Videos

Experience the captivating tale of one of the biggest shipwrecks in history – The sinking of the Costa Concordia. From a dream-ship to a nightmare, Discovery’s latest documentary tells the whole story of the catastrophic event that happened in January of 2012.
The Costa Concordia was one of the most remarkable cruise ships in the world. An engineering marvel that was equipped with all the amenities to cater to the luxury needs of the passengers. However, one wrong turn changed that.
The heroic rescue mission to save survivors and victims from the enormous ship was a massive undertaking. In an impressive feat of engineering, the massive ship was carefully refloated, towed away all in one piece, and the production team documented the harrowing human story that ensued, using innovative filming techniques including micro-drones and underwater equipment.
The filming was made possible through the producers’ unparalleled access to survivors, rescue units, and the highest Italian coast guard, fire brigade authorities, and islanders who came to the aid of the passengers that fateful night.
With the documentary, the entire story of the Costa Concordia is explored in-depth, beyond the drama of the disastrous night, beyond the historic salvage underway. The documentary also addresses the serious lapses in sea safety, the motivations of the engineers invested in the historic salvage, and the cruise industry’s response to the catastrophe.
So, take a deep breath as you immerse yourself in the heart-wrenching yet inspiring journey of the survivors, the experts, and the families affected by the Costa Concordia. Watch the documentary, and witness the incredible story that united nations, celebrated human resilience, and showcased extraordinary feats of engineering.

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David B