Copyright and Culture

May 23, 2022 | Crime, Music, Videos

This documentary is looking into the current state of copyright and culture. Learn about copyright and culture in the context of Internet, peer-to-peer file sharing and other technological advances. It is directed by Andreas Johnsen, Ralf Christensen and Henrik Moltke.

In order for one to be able to grasp the idea of this documentary, the authors have explained the current legal situation concerning sampling, licensing and copyright.

The documentary features interviews with a number of people with various perspectives on copyright, lawyers that worked on cases involving the violation of copyrights, producers, artists and some of the file sharing service providers.

The main issue of the documentary itself is the process of creativity and is that process jeopardized with the use of the intellectual property of others in the making one`s own.

The self imposing question is how to protect one`s rights when it comes to intellectual property?

The authors are also looking into the matter of the recent shift towards user-generated content, mash-up music and video culture.

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Riyan H.