Controversy over reintroducing the lynx in Europe

Sep 30, 2023 | Animals, Environmental, Social, Videos

The documentary follows the journey of Lias, a male lynx living in the Upper Danube Valley. Researchers have put a transmitter collar on him to learn more about his behaviour, and the audience is invited to follow Armin Hafner, a wildlife expert, as he tracks Lias’ trail.
However, Lias is one of the few lynx left in Europe, and he must search long and hard for a mate. To help the lynx population thrive, a plan to reintroduce female lynx back into Baden-Württemberg has met with resistance from hunters. If successful, the plan would not only boost the number of lynx in the area but could also prevent the population of lynx in other countries from declining due to inbreeding. The documentary raises questions about balancing the needs of the local wildlife with the interests of the human population.

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David B